World, meet Jake

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Last week while Mike and I were galavanting around the Grand Tetons, Barbara (Mike’s mom) got a brand spankin’ new puppy! She named him Jake, and it’s safe to say I’m in love with him and all of his puppy breath glory!


He was abandoned and nobody is quite sure what his parents looked like, so his breed make-up is still TBD.

On a wedding not, mommy is coming to Aiken on Wednesday and we’re going to go look at possible venues! WEEE!

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     Oh my gosh he's so CUTE!!! I want one!!!

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    What a cutie!!  I bet he makes a great snuggle buddy! xo,Stephanie (Big Mario)

    • Dree
    • June 30, 2011

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable!!  I can't get over his little puppy face!{}

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    Such a cutie!! 

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     Oh my gosh! So adorable!! :)

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