So I guess it’s high time I hosted a giveaway. This is actually a giveaway with ulterior motives…so I should really be calling it a bribe.

Yep. Tha’ts right. TWENTY FIVE DOLLAZ to spend on whateverthehellyouwant at RUCHE. You could put it towards this fun little dress,

Or you could buy this super cute belt,
Or you could get this adorable necklace and earring combo, 

Point is, they have a TON of darling, affordable, perfect for summer time clothes and accessories, and I want to help you buy something! So, now for the not so fun part…


1. Follow my blog. =) The five of you that will enter probably already do. Haha. (If you want to enter and don’t have a blog, skip this step. Just let me know in a comment that you voted (#2).
2. VOTE for me and Mike HERE. You’ll have to “like” the organization on Facebook and allow them access to your profile, but once you’ve voted you can “unlike” them. It’s easy.
3. Leave a comment on this post telling me you did these things, et voila! You’re entered to win.
4. For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter and let me know in a seperate comment on this post.
5. You don’t have to post on your own blog about the giveaway, but I’ll give you a THIRD entry if you do (and comment here telling me you did).

Sorry I’m not a high roller. I can’t afford to do a super awesome giveaway, nor do I have sponsors that give me free things, but I’d REALLY SUPER APPRECIATE any votes we can get. Until we get our hands on a money tree, paying for a kick ass honeymoon and/or building a sweet savings account is going to be mighty hard to do, so winning this money would be a helluva great thing for us.

Since voting doesn’t close until June 6, that’s the day I’ll announce the winner. I know that’s a LONG TIME, but I promise it’s worth it. If this giveaway goes well, and more than two people enter, then I’ll host a “Thank you for entering my first giveaway” giveaway in July! YAY FOR FREE STUFF!

And on a more exciting note, if Mike and I WIN this competition, you bet your booties I’ll sweeten the deal and make the giveaway in July the best giveaway on the face of the BLOGOSPHERE…think big, ladies.

Be sure to at least include the link to your blog in one of your comments, and if you don’t have a blog, leave an email address so I can notify you if you win.

Yes, I bolded, underlined, AND italicized that.

Thanks guys!

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  1. whoops, i meant to say in that post : FB voting – check!but commented too soon……also, following you on twitter.

  2. 1.  following you!

  3. Voted AND following you on Twitter!  Good luck!! 🙂

  4. Guess I should've followed directions.  This is my official "I'm following you on Twitter, too" comment. 😉 xo,Stephanie (Big Mario)

  5. Reply

    I follow your blog and voted for you and Mike! GOOD LUCK!! :) 

  6. Reply

    I follow you on Twitter! :) 

  7. Reply

    Voted, was already following you on Twitter lol, anddd posted about it on my blog! Good luck!!!

    • Kai
    • June 30, 2011

     I am a follower and LOVE your blog! I voted for you on Facebook too!!! Good luck! I Hope you win!

  8. Reply

     I follow you! Love, Shellsea Blog

  9. Reply

     I voted for you too 🙂 great picture, hope you win!Love, Shellsea Blog

  10. Reply

     And I follow you on twitter. Love, Shellsea Blog

  11. Reply

    i follow you here!!! 

  12. Reply

    I voted for you and mike! 🙂 and posted it to my wall! 🙂 just sayin' 

  13. Reply

    i follow you on twitter!! 

  14. Reply

    Thank you! You're awesome!

  15. Reply

     I voted! 🙂

  16. Reply

     I'm following you on twitter @fa11enan9e1 

  17. Reply

     Voted and I'm also following you on Twitter! Good luck! When do you find out?

  18. Reply

     And I guess I'm following your blog too and posted on my blog too! 

  19. Reply

    Following your blog! 🙂

  20. Reply

    Voted for you and Mike 🙂

  21. Reply

    I also follow you on Twitter! 😀

  22. Reply

     i voted for you!  i hope i win 🙂

  23. Reply

    I follow your sweet blog! And I love Ruche!Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance =]

  24. Reply

    I'm following you on Twitter ;]

    • TN
    • June 30, 2011

    Just voted AND I'm a new follower! Good luck! I really hope you get this! 🙂

  25. Reply

    I'm a follower!! 🙂ChuckRefreshed

  26. Reply

    Ooh and a Twitter follower too!!!ChuckRefreshed @AshleyCrowl

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