The big move & big news!

Wanda the Honda CR-V is loaded up yet again with tons of CRAP. Tomorrow is part TWO of my transition to Aiken. I crammed as much as I could from the Tallahassee house into the car, and this morning I’m driving up to the SC house. In 2 or 3 weeks I’m driving back down here to pack up the rest of the stuff, like my living room, dining room, bed room and patio furniture. My mom is paying for packers to come and do all the dirty work. YAYSIES!
$20 to the first person who finds me! Lol

I’m really looking forward to getting settled in with Mike. I’m still not totally used to the idea that it’s “our” house now, and not just his. On Thursday we’re going to Wyoming and I CANNOT WAIT!
Here’s a video of me walking across the stage. I wave at the end like a NERD. lol
But the main point of this post is to inform everyone that I have officially found gainful post-grad employment! I’m going to be managing a company’s social media. Essentially, I’m going to be Facebooking and Tweeting, and getting paid to do it. I’ll be writing some press releases and brainstorming marketing ideas, too. The best part? They only work Monday-Thursday, so THREE-DAY-WEEKENDS, every weekend!
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    WOOO! Congrats on the new job! It seriously sounds like a dream especially after post grad!

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    Exciting times for you. Enjoy them!!

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