Our House [before]

Mike might take back the ring because of this post, but I want to do before and after pictures, so we just won’t tell him about it, okay?

Today I unpacked all my CRAP. All that’s left to  move is the new furniture and the stuff in my walk-in closet in Tallahassee. Oh, and all of my kitchen stuff. Oh, and all the junk in my garage. So, I kind of have a lot of stuff left to bring up here to SC, but Mike and I are planning a yard-sale and donating a lot of stuff to Goodwill so hopefully when all is said and done, we will be generally free of clutter.

Here we go: (It’s a mess, I know. I’m finding it hard to get motivated to put things away when I know in two weeks it’s going to be torn apart again when my furniture comes from FL.)

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.
The living room
Dining room current arrangement…
Kitchen, with trash to take out…lol
Spare room, now full of stuff that I brought up that doesn’t have a space yet.
Office AKA Storage until Mike buys the shed.
Spare room # 2 AKA storage until Mike buys the shed…lol
 In the bathroom. Looking rough. 

 Our bedroom. The TV will be replaced with my 32 inch flat screen and all the furniture will be new. Different bed spread, too. I think this one is too girly for Mike to tolerate. And yes, the wall is lavender. That will also be changing.

 Hallway. Pictures to hang.
OKAY. Well, enough of that. I know that people (including myself) are nosy, and I love when I read blogs with home before/after posts. I’ll update as things happen. 
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    I love before and after pics of home re-decorating/diy's!! Good luck on the move!

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    your house looks lovely! cant wait for updates!<3 steffySteffys Pros and Cons

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