Friday at 7:30 pm I officially graduated.

 With my supporters =) 
 At Harry’s, where we went on our first date. He looks thrilled, like usual.
 Me being normal…
 I couldn’t wait to get that stupid cap & gown OFF.
 The best little sister a girl could ask for

Ok kiddies. The rest of the weekend is being spent packing up my house and starting the move to Aiken, so maybe I’ll start taking some pictures of the redecoration process.


Compulsive snacker. Bleeding heart. Unhealthy obsession with Tom Hanks and cats. Florida State and Syracuse University alum.

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  1. congratulations!! I cant wait to be done with this as well, haha

  2. conGRADulations haha! Dont hate me for my poor attempt at humor. Beautiful dress!

  3. So exciting! Congratulations! You look super cute!

  4. congrats! such an accomplishment! you are adorable!

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