Visiting Italy

Some of you might know that my dad lives in Naples, Italy.

Mike and I took a trip to visit in December last year. I’m not sure if I ever did a post about it, but here are some pictures from our adventures in Rome.

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    How lucky! These are gorgeous.xo,Sarah

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    Such beautiful photos!!! I had a very short (2.5 days) amount of time to spend in Rome so it was rushed and a little stressful. We're hoping to go back soon and really take time to enjoy all the amazing monuments and culture.

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    These are stunning! Did you use a photoshop action on them? I am so interested to know! And how fun is it that your dad lives in Italy…my Dad lives in Nebraska…you win. haha :)xox

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    Thank you! I did use an action on them, it was a free one that I downloaded from

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