What I will be doing for graduation

One benefit of having a mother with OCD tendencies is I NEVER have to wonder what extra time will be spent doing because she’s PLANS everything.

If anyone wants to find me on graduation weekend…here is how to do it. Click to enlarge.

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    WOW!!! You have a packed schedule but at least it is all very organized! Congrats on your graduation! xo

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    It's all about time management, sweetie. One day you'll appreciate my mad organizational skills! lol. Love you. (Mom)

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    I love the notes! They are so specific. "Walk to Harry's (about 6 blocks)." "Will be walking a lot." Hahahaha! My mom isn't quite as OCD but she definitely plans everything WAY ahead of time!

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    Oh my goodnes… we would for sure get a long 🙂 I love this!! Congrats on graduating!!

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