Happy Saturday!

Mike and I did not accomplish the room cleaning today like we’d anticipated, BUT we did get a nice run in this morning AND ate ourselves into oblivion tonight with some delish alfredo pasta…there were also some Nieman Marcus homemade cookies involved.

But the point of this post is…I am DELIGHTED to bring you my first EVER video blog! YAY! Sorry I look discombobulated and don’t have any make-up on but I hope you enjoy it and laugh at my awkwardness.

Oh, and sorry for how I tend to cover up the microphone. First Vlog…gimme a break!

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    I haven't ventured into vlogging yet… maybe someday though! I'm totally with you on the ice cream thoughts, I usually stop on my way home from the gym for frozen yogurt. It's yogurt so it's healthy right?

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    hahaha I love this! Whenever I run I'm always like, "man…that must have been like 12 miles!?" Usually only 3ish hah

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    Chocolate Chip?

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    hahaha! This video made me laugh. LOVED this Vblog!

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    LOL, that was GREAT! Love, Aunt Donna

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