Cruel People

One thing that I really have ZERO tolerance for is animal cruelty. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this case:

You can read about this dog’s story HERE
This poor baby survived thanks to some loving people at a local Humane Society. How anyone could let an animal live like this and not want to kill themselves is beyond me.
On Wednesday I was driving to the park where I go running and nearly ran over a little kitty. I stopped and let it get out of the way, and as I drove by, I realized that one of its eyes was mauled, bloody, and missing from the socket. I pulled over and got out to see if I could take it to a shelter, but before I got to her, she scurried under a chain link fence. I called to her for a few minutes and got close enough to look at her and decided I didn’t want to leave her there. I called the local humane society but they transferred me to animal control. I gave them the address to a nearby house and they said they’d send somebody. I waited for about 20 minutes, just staring at this little kitty and wishing I could hug her and let her know that not all humans are heartless and that somebody could love her. It took all I had not to start crying. Such a sap.
I took this picture of her. It’s from my phone and you can’t tell how bad she looked. A man who lived across the street came out and explained that she’s a stray that wanders around the neighborhood. He sometimes feeds her and doesn’t mind when she sleeps on his porch, but she’s too skittish for anyone to ever approach. He suspects a neighbor’s dog might have attacked her. I told him I called animal control, and he offered to wait for them. 
I wish this story had a happy ending, but I don’t know. I suspect if animal control ever showed up they probably didn’t do anything. It makes me feel better knowing she at least has a porch to hide under if it rains, and that she’s not starving. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many animals out there without people who love them. 
One day I’ll be able to do more. Anyway, that’s all I have to say.

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    • CMae
    • April 1, 2011

    I had not heard about this story. It disgusts me that the max this owner will get is a mere 1 yr in jail. That's such bullshit. This owner is just like a Michael Vick. There needs to be just as severe punishment for humans that do this to animals as those who get life in jail for robbing banks and such…Ugh. My hearts hurts..

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    Heartbreaking! It makes me so mad that people think animals are disposable! If you can't take care of a pet, don't get one. Simple. Poor little guys! P.S. I meant to email this link to you a while back: of the profits from this item will be donated to the Animal Refuge Kansai: Tohoku-Pacific Quake Animals. Thought you'd be interested:-) xoxo

  2. omg this makes me soooo sad<3 steffySteffys Pros and Cons

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    Aw that's awful!!! There's a few stay kittens around my neighborhood and I almost cry every time I see one! I wish I could take care of all of them. My roommate used to get mad because I would put out a bowl of milk and a cardboard box with a blanket in it so the cats would always come back haha

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