Things my mom says

My mom is in NOLA on a business trip, but yesterday she might’ve indulged in a little more pleasure than business.  Here are some of the texts she sent me:

“Mam goin crazy in NO. 2 Glasses of wine already. Lol.”
to which I responded, “Lol who are you with?”

“A bunch of guys I just picked up. Lol.”
to which I responded, “Ooooh are they cute?”

“Eh. They will get cuter the more I drink.”
(She was actually with some friends from work.)

Then she sent me this picture:

I blacked out their faces because I’m not sure what the protocol is when blogging about your mother who is possibly intoxicated. My mom’s on the far right.
Then she sent me this one:
“I ordered one and found out it was three for one. Lol”
And then, “Officially toasty right now. Lol. Well a little anyway.”
I don’t blame her for having some fun. She works really hard and only drinks on special occasions. 
This was one of the last ones she sent, “Party hard. Bac in hotel room. Lol”
I love my mom.
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    • Meri
    • March 29, 2011

    This is awesome. I now plan to follow your blog based solely on your mom's behavior, because I love when my mom goes out and has a good time! Cheers! (to your mom, and mine as well )

  1. Reply

    I need to be where your mom is. LOL. Love this post!! xoxo

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