So Mike’s friend Andy got into Aiken tonight. Mike, Andy, and a few of their man friends got together and went and did boy things downtown. Drinking was involved. I was expecting them to be be out wreaking havoc til the wee hours of the morning, but then this text conversation happened between me and Mike:

(10:58 pm) Me: What are you boys up to now?

(10:59 pm) Mike: Fixin’ to leave. I’m ready to go home.

(10:59 pm) Me: Already?

(11:01) Mike: Yes baby…we’re all almost 30.

Haha. I guess my expectation are just too high. Sometimes I forget that I’m dating an old man. 😉

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    Hahaha! Love this!

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    aha <3visit my blog, follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkatand visit my store, xoxo, zebra and meerkat.

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    Haha this made me laugh! Reminds me of something I would of assume of my boyfriend…

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