Love/Hate relationship with my job

Unrelated: It makes me so happy that Mike and I say “I love you” like 135124613 times a day. It’s one of those things I never get tired of hearing, even if I already know it.

Plus he’s super hot.

 My job is pretty awesome…minus the whole not getting paid thing. But other than that, my job rocks. I work from 9:30 – 1:30 and then spend the afternoon doing whatever the sam hill I want to do, which usually means watching Netflix or finding new places to take pictures of myself.

This picture is irrelevant but it makes me lol.

I’m only at work for 4 hours a day, but that’s plenty of time to get annoyed. There are three things that happen to me pretty often that make we want to punch a midget in the gut and not feel guilty about it.

1. When I’ve been email corresponding with someone for a few days and consistently received replies, then all of a sudden I ask a time sensitive question and it’s like they fell off the face of the internet. COOL, so you have time to wittily banter with me about useless stuff, but when it comes to setting aside the lame brain small talk, you’re suddenly the BUSIEST person this side of the San Andreas? MEH.

2. Talking to the elderly over the phone BLOWS. If there is anything I avoid more diligently than the bubonic plague, it’s talking to old folks over the phone. First of all, I’m lucky if they even hear it ringing, and if they do, chances are they won’t be able to hear me talking.

Golden Oldies call into the office all the time, usually confused about their magazine subscription. You’d be surprised how unruly people get if their magazine comes a few days late. They’ll complain about missing something on the calendar of events. Ok, because YOU were going to haul your wrinkly butt to the Mountain Sports Expo? At some point, certain activities become irrelevant based on your age. There is no reason a 90 year old man needs to get testy with me because he missed a 127 mile bike race

 3. When people think I’m a telemarketer. Because I try really hard to have good phone etiquette, I usually start my calls with, “Hi, my name is Anna Rice. I’m calling from *** Magazine. I was hoping I could speak with someone about BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

What some people hear (usually the elderly people mentioned in #2) is “Hi, my name is Younger Than You and I’m calling from Death Star Incoorporated and I WANT YOU TO BUY SOMETHING THAT I’M SELLING,” so they cut me off, say “NOT BUYING” and then hang up.

The other day I needed to get in touch with someone about mailing them a free copy of the magazine because we featured their product. I called, did my little intro, and then deducted from the DEAD SILENCE on the other end of the line that I’d been hung up on. =(

Sad Face.

I called back and after a few rings, it went to voicemail. DARN YOU, CALLER ID! I kept trying, because I’m stubborn and refuse to be associated with telemarketing, but the next few times I called, the woman picked up after one ring and just hung up on me, flat out. This continued a few times before I succumbed to defeat.

I finally just had to send the company an email, and it took all of my will power not to write something nasty about this hanger upper lady.

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    Ok number 3 is crackin me up! I deal with the complete opposite… little kids all day. But they sound just as bad!

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