Two things I want in my children

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I know I’m much more like my mother than I realize, which leads me to believe that my kids will be more like me than is healthy. I mean there are worse people for my kids to be like. I don’t think I’m THAT bad, but the thought of having mini-me’s running around wreaking havoc is sort of terrifying some times. Then there’s the whole prospect of actually have to raise something other than a furball. 

But, I don’t think these things are too much to ask for:

1. I hope at least one of my children aspires to be an evil villain, maybe along the lines of Megamind, but preferably with a more reasonably sized head.

2. I hope one of my kids is a thumb-wrestling prodigy. Or maybe a cup stacking prodigy. Let’s be honest. Those kids are SO popular at school.

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    Anna, if your children turn out anything like you, then you'll be a lucky mother indeed. You weren't always an angel, but you were a great kid. I am extremely proud of the adult you have become. One thing is for sure – your kids will have great senses of humor! Love you – Mom

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    Oh my gosh your kids will be cool. I just hope mine want to aspire to be more than video game champs or something, I want them to do crazy cool things!

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    Ok just reading this already makes me think your kids are cool in and out of school.<3, New FollowerEveryone loves a giveaway

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