Tuesdays are my least fave day

Mike is talking about going back to school and finishing his degree and it makes me happy for him. =)

This is us on Mike’s fake graduation/Christmas 2010.

Today I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Bad mistake.

Anyway, for one of my classes we had to discuss whether or not the news media is having a negative or positive influence on the American public.  Many of the answers people gave berated the media for either being too left wing or too right wing and manipulating the news in their favor.  I think it’s hogwash.

 I think if you’re stupid enough to gobble up every word the news reports, than you’re stupid enough to deserve it. Does that make sense? If you’re going to watch the news, then please be educated enough to understand that there’s no such thing as objective reporting and that forming your own opinion is a requisite if you’re going to watch the news in the first place.

One girl even went so far as to accuse certain branches of military service of targeting minorities and brainwashing America’s youth into joining. That made me angry. But whatever. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, even if it’s wrong.

The main gripe I had was with a girl who was moaning about how the news is just too negative and that people are just going to see America as a horrible place because of what we broadcast. 

She also said, “then the radio for instance will show how immature American society could be. There are radio personalities that make Americans look ignorant and ultimately like idiots. For instance this morning I was listening to the radio and for about five minutes they were making fun of Asians by using a horrible Asian accent. I was offended and I am not even Asian. They didn’t even take into account that there could be hundreds of Asian listeners. Comments like this make Americans look pretentious.” Right, and I’m sure you’ve never made any sort of derogatory joke in your entire life, have you? You’re the pretentious one. Take it for what it is…a joke.

 Ahhhh, how I hate that! SO WHAT if someone got offended? This is what I responded, “The news is the news. If you want feel good stories, go buy a Chicken Soup for the Soul book…and sure, the world would be delightful if everyone respected everyone, everything we ever said was politically correct, and nobody ever got offended…but let’s face it.  We live on Earth, not Utopia.”

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    3 things: 1. Grocery shopping while hungry is always an expensive and unhealthy disaster haha. 2. I just spent forever looking at all of your pictures, they are gorgeous! How do you get so many of the two of you? A remote? I wish I could hire a photographer to come everywhere with me and my husband. 3. I agree, I always cry my eyes out when animals die. They are so innocent! P.S. longest comment ever.

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