The Grammys

So I’m not a huge rap fan…and by not a huge fan I mean I kind of wish I could abolish rap into the deepest depths of hell.  But for some reason Eminem has always been an exception to that.  I love Eminem. I don’t have a valid explanation, but for some reason I just want to be his friend and listen to his music 24/7. Mike hates Eminem.  Possibly one of three things we don’t agree on.

Side note, and really the ultimate reason I am posting right now, Mike just texted me the sweetest thing ever, so in the spirit of Valentines day I’m going to share:

“I love you so much I would give up Starbursts for you.”

<3 That’s my man.

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    Aww. Very sweet. (Mom)

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    Girrrrrrrrllllll–If you still had Face Book, you would see I like Eninem too! Dee Cook

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    Oops-typo–should be Eminem. (Dee Cook)

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