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Apparently my computer decided that it has had enough.  It officially told me that I have too much CRAP saved on my computer and that it would cease to function if I didn’t delete/relocate some files.  So today since my Mama is in town for Thanksgiving, we went and bought an external hard drive with Daddy’s credit card. =) THANKS DADDY.  Also, (sorry for anyone who reads this blog for interesting/moderately humerous/sarcastic entries.  This is not one of those)

MY EPIPHANIE “LOLA” CAMERA BAG CAME IN AND I’M OBSESSED.  Another THANKS DADDY.  This was an early Christmas present for my trip to Italy.  I’m sure some of you will remember my earlier posts about it.

Any female photographer who wants a stylish and practical camera bag, you MUST buy one of these.  They aren’t too pricy, either, so if you’re shopping on a budget, just bite the bullet and GET ONE!  Here are some pictures.  The interior has adjustable velcro dividers and I’m still in the process of deciding how exactly to organize.  Almost as fun as when I organized my Filofax! hahahaha.

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