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happy thanksgiving

This post is not about Thanksgiving, giving thanks, or thankfulness in any way, shape, or form. This post is about FATNESS. I was thinking about it today, how fat I’m getting.  On this occasion, I justified it with, “oh, well it’s the holidays…everyone eats more.  Plus it’s winter so I’m not wearing skimpy clothes. I […]


Too much

Apparently my computer decided that it has had enough.  It officially told me that I have too much CRAP saved on my computer and that it would cease to function if I didn’t delete/relocate some files.  So today since my Mama is in town for Thanksgiving, we went and bought an external hard drive with […]


Visiting New Orleans

Back from a fabulous weekend in New Orleans. Here are a few of my fave memories: Nacho Mama’s had THE most delicious fake Me