Photoshoot Round 2

Had another shooting spree around Tallahassee today with my beautiful Phi Mu ladies.

Where we went:
Kleman Plaza,
The Tallahassee Capitol Building,
The Tallahassee Train Station,
and Maclay Gardens

Some of my faves of Dani: (although there are too many to really be able to pick)

Some of my faves of Tori:

Some of my faves of Megan:

And some of my fave group shots:

I jumped in this one. =) 

Our family line, but Taylor should be between me and Megan.
If you want to see all 500 and some of the pictures we took today, check out my Flickr.
Oh, and this one. I wish the tree wasn’t in the background because you can hardly tell they’re throwing leaves in the air, but this picture makes me feel like it’s not 100 degrees in Florida and like it’s almost November. lol
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