I Love Christmas

Well, I just love the holidays in general.  Except Halloween.  I think Halloween is dumb.  Last Halloween, I spent the night ignoring the door bell and putting up my Christmas tree.  It’s not like America’s children need more candy, anyway.  It’s never too early too early to get in the holiday spirit.

My mom’s Xmas tree is always way amazing.
My Christmas tree is sub-par.
Here are the top 5 reasons why I love the holidays.

1. Holiday Candles.  Since I’m so kitchenally challenged, I tend to depend on my cookie scented candles to give the illusion of domesticity at Christmas time.  Starting around Thanksgiving I switch out my “fresh cotton” and “sand & sun” candles for “pumpkin spice” and “warm vanilla cookies” candles.  They trick people into thinking that I might have actually baked some sort of treat that could be classified as anything other than a natural disaster in the recent past.

I love Christmas so much I made a Christmas Tree costume for Halloween last year.

2. The weight gain.  So what if I’m getting fat? So is everyone else.  Well, at least every other normal, obsessive compulsive cookie eating, wine and cheese addict.  Plus since the weather is colder I can use that to disguise my absolute disdain for physical activity.  “Oh, it’s just so cold out I don’t want to go running.  Hypothermia is a real threat, you know.” AKA “I hate movement.”  You can just cage the judgment right now and I don’t care if I’m a huge hypocrite.

3. The snuggling.  Mush alert.  I can’t wait for me and Mike’s first holiday season together.  There’s something plain awesome about curling up underneath a snuggie made for two, holding our hot cocoa through our convenient blanket sleeves and sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace DVD.  Plus I’m going to buy us matching footy pajamas because I have yet to really test Mike’s “putting up with my crap” threshold.  But in all seriousness…I’m excited.

In this example, Mike is represented by the comical looking Asian man.

4. The weather.  Not only is it a great way for me to catapult myself into obesity, it’s way better than the Florida summertime heat.  I’d rather be cold than sweaty, and I love winter clothes because I can hide my flab underneath lots of layers! It’s like camouflage for my rolls.  Plus there’s something magical about the crisp air and being able to see my breath.  And nobody can deny the delight that comes from stepping on crunchy, frosted leaves, or finding an icicle dangling from the roof.  

Bella loves Christmas.

5. The lights! I love seeing all the houses decorated with lights and inflatable Santas, or penguins driving planes (because clearly that’s logical) and reindeers trapped in oversized snow globes.  I love going to Dorothy B. Oven park and taking pictures of all the decorations.  I just love everything.

My little house all decorated. =)  Used crosshairs filter for this wonky effect. 


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    so im following you from Thirsty Thursdays.. you can follow back at http[://punkrockmomma.com also i love Halloween and Christmas…

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    HA this just got me excited for Christmas :)!

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