Daily Buffalo and Little Pleasures

Today, I was driving down the back road to my house. (There’s a narrow one lane road that runs behind the houses in the neighborhood to provide access to the garages.)  It’s only wide enough for one car at a time.  Today when I was leaving, a BMW was coming towards me.  Usually, I’d pull off to the side and let the other car pass just because I’m polite that way.  But there was a Ford Explorer in a driveway directly on my right so I had nowhere to go.  That meant that the BMW had to drive on the grass to get around me.  
This gave me SO much pleasure.  
One of the things I hate about a lot of people who drive BMWs or Mercedes is their sense of entitlement.  What, just because you have a nice car and big paycheck you think you should ALWAYS get to drive on the road in these situations?  The lady driving was CLEARLY agitated that she had to go out of her way.  We even suffered through an awkward “pause and stare” thing before she acquiesced, despite the fact that I obviously had nowhere to go.
Anyway, this little encounter got me thinking about other small, and less evil, pleasures that make my day:
  1. Getting something new in the mail.  For instance, I FINALLY got my Filofax in the mail and I’m in love
  2. When a stranger smiles at me in passing
  3. Finding money in my pocket
  4. When class is cancelled
  5. Bras that fit just right
  6. When someone lets me have their last piece of gum
  7. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls
  8. Mom’s chocolate chip cookies (which I will be making sometime this week!)
  9. Jeans that make me look thinner
  10. Finding a lost piece of jewelry
  11. Getting an ‘A’ on something I actually worked hard on
  12. Holding hands with Boyfriend
  13. That feeling when I finish a book
  14. Buying a new candle
  15. The soggy Nilla Wafers in banana pudding
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