So, since it’s past midnight, today is officially the first day of school.

Off to see my advisor bright and early for my graduation check and then lunch with 100 and some of my favorite girls at the sorority house.

Class at 5:15.

Here are three things I want to do more of this fall:

1. Embrace my naturally curly hair.
2. Be more diligent about my gym routine.
3. Wake up earlier.

Hopefully I will have time to sit down soon and write a long, meaningful post – potentially about how much I enjoy FSU’s graduation requirements.

111 days until Mike and I are at my dad’s house in Italy! 
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    • Emmy
    • August 23, 2010

    Your dad lives in Italy?! Or does he just have a house there? Either way, that is SUPER cool!And totally embrace your curly hair! I've had to learn that the hard way through years of straightening it and destroying it. Mine is just now starting to recover from the damage I've done to it, but I am happy to report that I have embraced the curls and the waviness. =)

    • Anna
    • August 23, 2010

    My dad lives in Italy. =) It's pretty awesome.And thanks to all the straightening (I even did the Japanese chemical thing once…) my hair is completely destroyed. I've just never taken the time to figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to wearing it natural so this should be interesting.

    • Emmy
    • August 24, 2010

    I got this Bumble & Bumble Curl Reactivating Mist at a hair salon once. It is slightly expensive, around $25, but it truly worked wonders for mine and now I can't live without it! you can spray it in wet or dry hair, and then just sort of scrunch it in. I usually spray a bunch into my hair after a shower.Maybe you can try it out =)

  1. Reply

    im so glad your finally embracing the curl!!

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