Picnic tables on campus are full of advice.

  • PEACE…lives
  • Dichotomous = Dangerous
  • You can’t have hate when you’re in love, for real love has not hate, only peace.
  • Fake your courage, pretend your apathy, caring is for wimps.
  • I believe in Harvey Dent.
  • Why is bacon?
  • Everything you do may seem insignificant.
  • 420 –> Hitler, Columbine & POT.
  • I loved Matt while he loved another.
  • In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong to heal the wounds from lovers past until a new one comes along. – Katy Polk ’09.
  • King Kong died for your sins.
  • Be kinder than neccessary.  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.
  • When you doubt yourself you are no longer living the life that was promised you.  You are slowly giving your life away.
  • I want to be Donatello.  Not the artist, the ninja turtle. – SC.
  • FUCK what people think, it does not matter.
  • (someone scribbled under it: Yes is does, that’s what social interactions are based on).
  • My friends think smoking weed is horrible just ’cause they don’t understand how I feel when I’m high.
  • I don’t really believe in religion.  I’m Roman Catholic.
  • Science attempts to explain in a way that everyone will understand something that no one knew before.  Poetry is the opposite.  – Dirac
  • Feminism frees women and men.
  • I love him.  He loves me.  We are one.
  • Every second a flower blooms.
  • There’s always a siren singing you to shipwreck.  Don’t reach out.
  • Jesus was plagiarised.
  • The things you own will eventually own you.  -Chuck.
  • I pray you let me see what is right in this world.
  • For every border there exists a bridge.
  • Hamlet, RIP.  My gangster, my dog.
  • Horatio Rules.
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