Things I Do Not Understand

1. People with 24524523 stuffed animals in the back window of their car.  Seriously.  WHY?  Like at any moment while driving you will suddenly have the urge to cuddle with a sun-faded tweety bird?  And I promise, that sideways scooby doo is NOT going to scare off any car-jackers.  Is there some sort of magnet in certain peoples’ cars that just attracts 25 cent vending machine stuffed animals and forces them to congregate in the back window?  Whenever I get behind one of these treasures of the open road, I can’t help but stare and try to imagine where each stuffed animal came from.  There should be a special A&E spin off of the show “Hoarders”.  It would be called, “Hoarders: Ford Taurus edition”.  Or even MTV could do a documentary, “True Life: My rear view mirror is useless because I have too many worthless plush toys in my window”.

2. Why everything in the world is touchscreen now.  Yeah, I get that touchscreen was the best thing since sliced bread when it first came out, but now its kind of annoying.  EVERYTHING is becoming touch screen.  Phones.  Automated ticketing things.  Those Blockbuster movie rental kiosks in Publix.  The credit card swipey signature things.  Everything! Like seriously America, are we too good to push buttons now?

3. One way streets. Honestly? Because driving on campus isn’t stressful enough with all the pedestrian dogdging…

4. Genetics. Why is that girl naturally skinny and I’m not?

and a myriad of other things but my head hurts now.

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