Is it hot in here?

No, I didn’t forget about you…because I know you were all worried that you’d read your last post!

I bring you…Some Things I Love About Tally (a very condensed list)

  • I love that Tally doesn’t acknowledge the seasons.  When the rest of the country is enjoying the deep reds and fiery oranges of the changing leaves, here in Tallahassee we are going to the pool and hosting slip’n’slides in our yards.  I love those first few days of “winter”, when it drops below 60 in the mornings and by noon all of the chill has left the air.
  • I love that FSU is the ONLY team. Sorry, FAMU.  You don’t count.  Even though you are doing WAY better than we are this season.  I mean, except for the few ignorant Miami fans that migrated north to escape the illegal immigrants, and minus the scattered Gator fans that are so stupid that they got lost, set up shop in Tally, and didn’t realize they weren’t in the Swamp until it was too late, Florida State is the only team that matters.  Of course there are the people that claim that they don’t care about football.  They are liars and so called “non conformists” so they don’t really matter either.
  • I love the slow, southern speech and the fact that most of my professors would rather be reading Faulkner and sipping mint juleps than teaching me about literature.
  • I love that by driving a mere 15 minutes I can go from the crazy campus ragefest to my quiet suburban bliss (when my neighbors aren’t making my life hell, that is).  And you know what? I love that my 80 year old neighbor thinks that she has mail so important that she berates us about not blocking the mailbox.  And I love that my other neighbors are socially awkward and rude.  And I also love that my newest neighbors in the house behind me enjoy honking their horns in the middle of the night and rolling up with Lil Wayne or 50 Cent blasting through the speakers in their trunk.  I think they might have speakers in their 75 inch rims, too.  Whooaaaaa did the mood of this post suddenly change?
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