Life with Bella…

Today I am putting off my homework. Bella and I are cozied up together in my bed. My overhead light is off, but the early afternoon sun is coming in through my curtains so the atmosphere in here is pretty nice. Since Bella is sitting right next to me I figured that today I would reminisce about the different things she has eaten in her 1.5 short years with me.

I think one of the first things she destroyed was the carpet in my room. The first day I had her I shut her in my bedroom when I left the house to go buy her crate + dog bed + food bowls and all the other fun things a puppy needs. 30 minutes later, I come home to hear the most pathetic whining sound I’ve ever heard and I can’t get my bedroom door open. Little miss angel face, all 25 lbs of her, peeled up all the carpet in front of my door. And not just a little. She had pulled it up so much that I couldn’t even open the door.

She has also managed to completely destroy her kennel. I knew she was going to get big so I got one of the largest kennels they sell. A German Shepherd can comfortably stand up in it. Anyway, baby girl must have some sort of hulk-esque strength because not only did she eat the thick plastic bottom that slides in to cover the wires, but the front on the kennel where it latches is completely deformed from where her puppy paws pulled at it trying to get out. You wouldn’t believe that a 4 month old puppy could do that sort of damage.

What kind of puppy does THAT?

I’ve had Bella for a year and a half now and she has pretty much stopped destroying things, but here is a condensed list of her history of demolition:

1. 2 remote controls – to the cable box and the DVD player
2. Her FSU jersey that a friend of mine bought for her.
3. 2 pairs of my shoes. Expensive shoes, of course.
4. A hat of Gabbi’s.
5. Countless pairs of my underwear. If I leave them anywhere she can reach them, she’s going to chew them to bits.
6. A few bras, too.
7. A new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret.
8. Her toy basket.
9. More dog beds than I can count.
10. The area rug we had in the living room.
11. Throw blankets.
12. Gabbi’s photo bags.
13. One of Gabbi’s headbands.
14. An entire bottle of Ibuprofen.
15. 3 different leashes, 1 harness, and 2 collars.

Now, Bella is the love of my life and she makes me laugh every day, but DAMN is she a pain in the butt sometimes. Everyone seems to agree, however, that Bella is the coolest dog in the world. She knows shake and high five along with high ten. I taught her how to speak which I immediately regretted but it’s pretty cool most of the time. My personal favorite is “Bang!”. I shape my hand like a gun and yell bang and Bella drops to the floor and rolls over like she’s dead. And if it weren’t for her frantically wagging tail and the fact that she can’t sit still for more than a millisecond, it would actually be believable.


Bella ready for the FSU game yesterday, which we won!
FSU 54 BYU 28. 
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